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Skin Care & Massage Therapy



Teen Facial

Get your teen on the right track with proper skin care. Is your teen suffering breakouts? Or just begining to wear makeup? Skin care is important for all. We only get one face, dont let hormonal breakouts ruin yours!

Teen Facials are 45-60 Minutes depending on skin.

Single Treatment- $65

Package 6- $360

Teen Skin Care Package $300- Includes 3 Full size take home products & 6 Treatments to be spaced out over 15 Weeks. (Unused Treatments will be void after 15 weeks)

This package is recommended for teens to get their skin under control, Frequent treatments (every 2-3 weeks) clear skin and give your teen the time needed to learn about their individual skin and how to properly use their products at home. Each treatment is more than a facial it is a lesson on Skin Care.

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